Fowler family pet stolen in a weekend burglary

FRESNO, Calif.

The family's dog is an 85 pound Boxer named "Patton." He's been missing since Sunday, when the family returned to their rural Fowler home and discovered the home had been ransacked. "As soon as we come home he usually runs to the gate. My heart sank when he didn't do that," said Tish Valdez-Standley.

Thieves had cut wired to their security alarm and gone through every room, closet, and drawer. The family said everything they took can be replaced except for Patton. "We just want our family member back. He has a unique personality. He's a sweet guy and I would hate for someone to take advantage of that," said Valdez-Standley.

Though the family initially thought it was possible Patton could have wandered off during the burglary, they now believe he was stolen. A farmer called Monday afternoon and told Valdez-Standley the collar and tags had been found about a mile away. Still, she remains hopeful a unique marking on his chest will help someone recognize him. "It's a brown "M" shaped marking on his heart. Anyone will be able to see that and know it's him," said Valdez-Standley.

While the Fresno County Sheriff's Department investigates the burglary, the family is using Facebook to share photos. They're also putting up flyers throughout Fowler and Selma. "He's probably terrified. He's a giant beast of a dog, but he's just a teddy bear. I'm really just scared for him," said Valdez-Standley.

The family is offering a $500 dollar reward for Patton's return. Click the link for more information

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