Major changes on several Fresno Unified campuses

FRESNO, Calif.

Construction crews have another year to complete several projects at Fresno Unified schools, but they're racing against the clock to get as much done now before students return to class in 20 days.

"We try to minimize disruptions as much as possible."

At Hoover High, workers are busy building a new 32-thousand square foot structure to replace nearly 20 portable classrooms. And just last month, they completed renovating the school's sports complex, including new varsity and junior varsity baseball and softball fields.

"I think it's good we're going to have these new facilities," Hoover High student Andrew Deerfelt said. "A lot of the facilities you see around here are pretty old, especially the pool. It was built in the 60's or whenever the school started and we're looking forward to getting a new pool."

At Fresno High, crews are hammering away at two new buildings that will be home to 20 new classrooms as well as a new library, career center and new administrative offices.

Karin Temple with FUSD Operational Services said, "And these two new buildings will restore the glory to Fresno High, they will have the same classical architecture as Royce Hall. So Royce Hall will be opened up, we'll be able to see it, there will be a plaza in front of Royce Hall."

Roosevelt High is also getting a facelift. Roofers are putting the finishing touches on a new single story, 12 classroom building, designed to better accommodate students.

Officials tell me 92% of the work is being done by local companies and the projects are putting thousands of people to work.

"Measure Q is what allowed us to make all these improvements," Temple said. "They benefit the students, they benefit teaching and they benefit the neighborhoods."

The $280 million bond was approved by voters in November 2010.

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