Fresno State offering Ag EMBA program

FRESNO, Calif.

The Craig School of Business is recruiting candidates for the first ever Ag EMBA program.

The 17 month program is designed for growers, processors, marketers and other business leaders connected to agriculture to advance their skills.

Starting in January, students will meet four days a week for three weeks, and then attend eight-hour classes on Saturdays.

Once the program is over, they'll head to China for 10 days to learn about their industry on a global scale.

Gabrielle Kirkland is enrolled in the program and told Action News, "I think the international trip will be critically important to understand how the central valley impacts other parts of the world."

The program will hold up to 35 students. Candidates are asked to have 10 years of prior work experience before they enroll.

The cost? $35 thousand dollars including the price of books, meals and travel overseas.

In the video, Action News reporter Linda Mumma has complete coverage on the story.

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