Authorities launch new 10-20-Life ad campaign

FRESNO, Calif.

They searched from the air, the ground, Behind and over fences, and on the roof. They're looking for a man who ran for no apparent reason. Their mission is to find guns connected to violent crime.

It's become such an issue that the Southeast district created an entire wall dedicated to the weapons they've seized.

Sergeant Rick De Jong pointed out a "super soaker" water gun, disguising a real gun, which patrol officers found during a routine call. "It caused quite a stir and I'm sure the gentleman was out of jail before I was done with my news line"

That, he says, is the crux of the problem. The people they arrest are back on the streets.

Inez Sosa, police say, just got out of a two year prison stint. "Subject is known to my officers on probation known to carry to methamphetamine in the past," said De Jong.

Sosa was re-arrested for probation violation and a host of other crimes. "We're doing our jobs it gets frustrating when we see the same people out."

City and County leaders are combating the problem by reminding people about the 10-20-Life law.

"They see no consequences. And the message we're sending today is there are consequences and those consequences are severe," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, "10-20-life. It's the law."

A new "10-20-Life" ad campaign was rolled out on Wednesday. Billboards, TV spots, and bumper stickers remind the public that pulling a gun during a crime means an extra 10 years in prison -- pulling the trigger means an extra 20 -- and killing or seriously injuring someone means an added 25 to life.

Police who work the streets hope it sticks.

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