Affordable health care becomes reality for women

FRESNO, Calif.

Part of the Affordable Care Act went into effect Wednesday. It requires all health insurance companies to provide birth control, without co-pays. It also eliminates co-pays for a wide range of women's health services. Religious groups are suing to stop the contraceptive coverage.

Dr. John Capitman, Director of the Central Valley Health Policy Institute at Fresno State says the debate over birth control shouldn't overshadow the health benefits to women.

"I think everybody likes to talk about sex, everybody likes to talk about their feelings about what should or shouldn't be appropriate," Dr. Capitman said. "But I think these are decisions that need to go on between women and their physicians, and the Affordable Care Act gets insurance companies out of the way."

Insurance companies are now required to cover a variety of services without charging a co-pay. These include well women visits, checkups, preventive care and counseling for several women's health care issues.

In the video, Action News reporter Gene Haagenson has complete coverage on the story.

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