Criminals targeting cars at Clovis Hills Church

FRESNO, Calif.

The group was gone for just over an hour on August 1st. The riders came back to find shattered glass and broken windows.

Thieves took wallets, jewelry, computers and a handgun.

Ruth Jones watched as her friends tried to find their belongings. She said, "My heart dropped, I thought I better make sure my stuff in my wallet is all photocopied". It was then that Ruth realized her driver's side door had been jimmied and her wallet had disappeared. She told ABC30 Action News Reporter Stephanie Stone "I had all my credit cards, my driver's license, insurance, I had cash because I was taking my kids back to school shopping today".

Instead, Jones spent hours on the phone, calling creditors and putting fraud alerts on all of her accounts.

Church leaders say, unfortunately, this isn't the first time it's happened. Thieves have even targeted their parking lot during Sunday Service. Now, organizers are sending out a mass email to Clovis Hills members, warning them not to leave valuables in their vehicles.

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