Employees are taking a stand, for their health

FRESNO, Calif.

Recent studies have shown spending hours sitting at a desk not only can cause aches and pains but can also raise your risk for certain deadly diseases.

The Quality Management Office of Kaiser Permanente in Northeast Fresno has made drastic changes in their office.

The workers stand at desks that can be elevated, raising their activity level, their overall health, and more than a few eyebrows.

Dr. Robert Longers said, "People who come into my office, they say, what is this? Where's your desk, where's your real desk, but where do you sit? Well I don't and they start asking those questions."

Dr. Longers says, just by standing at work, you burn 10% more calories, reduce your risk for heart disease, and it also improves work flow.

In the video, Action News reporter Margot Kim has complete coverage on the story.

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