Zumba dance dangers

FRESNO, Calif.

If you're older and out of shape, Zumba can be a setup for injury. And no matter what your age, you have to be sure you're doing the moves properly.

Consumer Reports says there are steps you can take to avoid risks. First, don't wear shoes that grip the floor. Running shoes are made for forward, not lateral, movements, so they're not appropriate. You want to get shoes that pivot, such as dance shoes.

Also, find a high-quality instructor. You can receive basic certification to teach Zumba after taking only a one-day course. So you want to be sure that you find an experienced fitness instructor.

And you should work out on the right kind of floor. Avoid hard floors like tile, and carpeted surfaces, which can catch your foot. A hardwood floor with some give is the best way to Zumba the day away!

Because Zumba involves a lot of dance moves, Consumer Reports says you might want to take a prep class to learn basic steps. And modify any moves that you feel are too difficult for you.

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