Valley heat is bringing out the bugs

MERCED, Calif.

You may remember a grasshopper infestation at a home in the Madera Ranchos back in June. Now the owner of one local pest control company says wasps, bees, cockroaches, and even black widow spiders are out in full force.

An expert from the Fresno County Ag Department says it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes insect activity. But the hot, dry conditions could be pushing certain creepy creatures closer to homes.

Fresno County Staff Entomologist Gene Hannon said, "They'll go from say a weed lot in some cases or the rangeland and they'll move into people's yards. They want that moisture and the green leafy matter, which is in people's landscaping."

The insects can cause serious damage in extreme cases. But Gene Hannon says they're usually just a nuisance.

In the video, Action News reporter Sara Sandrik has complete coverage on the story.

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