Washington Union High School students talk heat

FRESNO, Calif.

Tuesday was the first day of class for more than a thousand students at Washington Union High School. Some of the students Action News talked to were excited to be back, but others didn't just have to battle the back-to-school blues, they also had to take on the heat.

Students at Washington Union High School are craving the cold in the 100 plus heat. Jasmine Bush and her buddies are finding cool comfort in ice-cream during their lunch break.

"Because it will help me cool down from the heat because I hate the heat a lot," Bush said. "It always drives me crazy."

Jacob Rodriguez and his friends are beating the broil by spending their lunch time at the school's library.

"Them out there they are probably sweating and being hot," Rodriguez said. "We are in here being nice and cool."

For more than a thousand students in this district, Tuesday marked the first day back at school. Principal Derek Cruz says staff members prepared for the scorching sun before school re-opened.

Cruz said, "When school resumes we experience some extreme heat but just making sure maintenance is checking our air conditioning systems so when kids come back to the classroom its cool and comfortable."

PE classes are often moved indoors when the temperature rise and the air quality is affected. Cruz says keeping kids cool helps them excel at school.

Cruz added, "It's important that we increase their chances for academic success by being in a comfortable classroom all day long."

But for most of the students here, staying comfortable and surviving the summer roast is, all about strategy.

Grecia Castillo said, "Try to wear really really light clothes, don't forget the water and try to stand in the shade if you can find it."

Football practice at the high school doesn't start back up until next week, if the weather heats up, practice is often pushed back to cooler hours.

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