Heat wave affects local sports teams

FRESNO, Calif.

Team trainers made sure the Bulldogs had plenty of water and Gatorade as they walked off the practice field. Following a tough morning session players had to re-hydrate their bodies for their afternoon practice.

Junior offensive lineman Austin Wentworth explained, "You can tell if you haven't drank for five minutes. You start getting lethargic, your legs get heavy. You start getting hot. It's really noticeable."

The training staff tells players to drink two bottles of water every night and another one before practice.

Graduate assistant Marie Fajardo said, "Then in between we make sure they have snacks like pretzels and pickles so they get the electrolytes back in their system with the salt and the sodium."

A lot of heat precautions although Fresno State head coach Tim DeRuyter welcomed the warm up.

Deruyter said, "We want our guys to come out when its 100 degrees and no big deal. If you don't ever train in these conditions it may shock you and hopefully when our opponents come in it may shock them with a little bit of heat."

Kids involved in youth sports should load up on cool water. The heat wave is also impacting local high schools in various sports.

Washington Union high principal Derek Cruz said, "Sometimes we'll start practice later during weeks of extreme heat. Going into the classroom to do some chalk talk, going into the weight room."

Still, the blazing sun wasn't enough to keep 69-year old Ron Brase and his 81-year old playing partner John Asanuma from their weekly tennis match at Roeding Park.

Brase offered some helpful tips, "Find some shade and drink water and don't push yourself beyond what you're comfortable with."

Despite this heat the active 69-year old Brase wants to remind everyone regular exercise keeps you physically and mentally strong.

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