Experts: Fresno experiencing average year for heat

FRESNO, Calif.

But despite the uncomfortable conditions, this is actually an average year.

Some people Action News talked to on Monday insisted this was the worst stretch of hot weather ever, but weather data shows we're not even close.

The sizzle of the summer sun has many people believing this to be the hottest year on record.

"Actually I think this is the worst because Saturday was like 111," Jaymie Lollis of Fresno said.

In an average year, Fresno gets 36 days at 100 degrees or higher.

"[I think we've have] way more than that. It's been straight so far," Sarah Jimenez of Fresno said.

But there's no relief ahead. ABC30 Meteorologist Doug Collins says the heat streak will continue.

"The hundred degree days we've seen so far keep accelerating. This week it looks like it will be 100 degrees or greater the rest of the week into early next week so we're likely to be above the average for the amount of days hundred degrees or plus," Collins said.

Doug adds the most 100 degree days ever recorded in Fresno was 63 back in 1984. The National Weather Service said we had a record six straight days at 110 or higher in 1898.

More recently in July of 2006 we suffered through five straight days above 110.

"2006 is the hottest I can remember living all my years living here in the Valley. We had 14 consecutive days 100 degrees or greater," Collins said. "We had three consecutive days at 113."

Valley residents remember the record hot stretch.

"It was very hot, spent a lot of time in the pool," Robert Miller said.

The National Weather Service says Fresno's highest temperature was 115 degrees, recorded July 8, 1905.

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