Arrest made in Madera shaken baby case

MADERA, Calif.

It was an investigation that started back in July when the hospital called. Little Christopher Rios had a traumatic brain injury, and even though he couldn't tell them what happened, detectives knew something was wrong.

His mom, Rosalia Gonzalez only knew that he became a different baby. One who's behavior she didn't recognize.

Doctors told her Christopher had been violently shaken. He can't see, and has lost most of his hearing.

Rosalia said it happened after she left Christopher in her neighbor's care while she went to work as a farm laborer.

Police say that neighbor is Natividad Reyes, someone who is no stranger to law enforcement.

Turns out back in 2009 she was accused in a similar crime, but the charges were dismissed. Police say these type of cases are hard to investigate.

Det. Sgt. Dino Lawson told Action News, "We go and work these cases to the end we put in exhausting man-hours because it's an innocent victim that can't protect itself and we have a duty to make sure justice is done."

And Rosalia Gonzalez says she's waiting for just that.

We're told Natividad Reyes has five children. All of whom are in protective custody.

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