Gay Boy Scout leader claims he was forced out

Even though others in the community describe him as a good role model, his relationship with the Boy Scouts is ending.

Greg Bourke has worked for 18 years as a systems analyst, has been with his partner for 30 years. And, he is the father of two adopted children.

Bourke says he was forced out last week, after five years as a scout leader, after he announced his sexual orientation.

"I still love the Boy Scouts," Bourke said. "The only thing I dislike about the boy scouts is this policy."

The Boy Scouts of America Lincoln Heritage Council responded with a statement: "Recently, this leader proactively contacted BSA leadership and disclosed he did not meet scouting's membership standards. Based on his notification, council leadership met with him, and he made the decision to resign as a volunteer leader."

Bourke says he did not want to resign, but changed his mind when he found out his troop was at risk of losing its charter as a result of his announcement.

Do you think the policy is a good one?

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