Valley Sikh community raises funds for Wisconsin victims

FRESNO, Calif.

A check was presented to Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer on Sunday. The money will be sent to Oak Creek for the officer who was shot outside the temple.

At the gurdwara the Sikh community spent Sunday morning raising money for those who lost their lives two weeks ago in the attack.

The prayer service at the Sikh Association of Fresno centered around healing, forgiveness and generosity.

"We are really moved by all the support and condolences we have received from our local brothers and sisters," Gurpreet Singh Mann of the Sikh Association of Fresno said.

Since the deadly shooting outside Milwaukee. Valley Sikh members have been collecting money and praying for the victims.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer was presented with a check for $5100. Dyer will send that money to Oak Creek Police Lt. Brian Murphy. The Wisconsin officer was shot nine times by the suspect.

"When police officers are doing things that are heroic, we want to recognize their efforts, and that's what the Sikh community has done," Chief Dyer said.

Temple members gathered for lunch and remembered those who were killed. More than 30 thousand Sikh live in the valley, and many across the country say they're tired of being targets for hate crimes and confused for other religions.

The mayor of the Fresno County town of San Joaquin is also urging his fellow Sikh to continue to wear their traditional attire proudly.

"Keep wearing the turbins and make this beautiful country, the United States of America, even more beautiful," San Joaquin Mayor Amarpreet Dhaliwal said.

Between the fundraiser for the officer and the families of those who were killed the temple raised more than $10 thousand. A council of nine Sikh temples from around the Valley is putting together an awareness campaign to spread the values of acceptance and peace.

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