Fresno community pools close for the year

FRESNO, Calif.

Pinedale pool closed down for the summer on Sunday as students head back to school. The pool helped kids in the neighborhood stay cool thanks to the community that stepped in to open it after two years of being empty.

The dog days of summer aren't quite over, but it's the final splash kids are taking at Fresno city pools.

The Pinedale Pool in North Fresno opened just last month thanks to generous donations from the community.

"We weren't planning on having this pool open this summer but the community stepped up and we were able to get it opened," Shaun Schaeffer of Fresno Parks and Recreation said.

The learner pool was closed the past two summers because of budget issues. Anonymous donors stepped in with more than $20 thousand to fill the long-empty pool with water.

"I was pretty excited, I went and told everybody of my friends and they started coming," Caroline Garcia of Pinedale said.

Garcia has been in the water everyday since the pool opened in July.

"Sometimes I just get out and dry off and jump back in and cool," Garcia said.

Sunday was bittersweet because it's was the last day the pool, and other city pools, will be open for the season as most students return to school on Monday.

"This pool has been absolutely packed and well utilized so the timing to get this opened mid summer throughout the end of the summer really worked out well for the community," Schaeffer said.

The pool just closed down for the season around 5 p.m. Sunday, but the city received enough funds to keep it open not just next summer but the following summer as well.

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