Hundreds of students move into Fresno State halls

FRESNO, Calif.

Move in day unofficially kicks off the start of the school year. This fall, Fresno State will welcome more than 21 thousand students. More than a thousand live in the dorms and Saturday night many are busy settling in.

Fresno State bustled with activity, as more than 900 students moved into their new home away from home.

"It's busy and hectic, but it's pretty fun. I mean everyone seems really nice and they're really helpful and moving in and everything, so it's pretty exciting," freshman Halle Clementi said.

One by one, new students carried their belongings from their cars to the dorms. They even got help from current students, which many parents with packed cars truly appreciated.

"They're a great help. This is one of the reasons we came here, they're very hospitable and very family oriented, so we are off to a good start," parent Frank Clementi said.

As incoming freshman Tyler Tharpe and her family settled into her room, she couldn't wait to meet her roommate and start her new life as a college student.

"[I'm] exciting the most about meeting different people and leaving my parents and having fun," freshman Tyler Tharpe said.

"She's going to be the first person in our family that ever went to college, so I'm excited for her. I'm more happy than she is now," parent Roslyn Tharpe said.

Moving-in day was a family affair for many Fresno State students, with parents happily unpacking supplies and clothes.

"This is actually the very first time we have ever opened on a Saturday, we usually open up weekdays, so we have more families here," Fresno State Director of Housing Erin Boele said.

Daniel Moreno, Jr. of Watsonville got some help moving in from his parents, uncle and even his grandmother.

"[I'm] a little nervous being away from home, but at the same time I'm excited to start a new beginning," Moreno said.

This weekend 11 hundred students will be moving onto campus and jump starting the beginning of a new school year and a new chapter in their lives.

On Saturday night the university is hosting several events for students and parents including a BBQ and dance.

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