Back to school means haircuts for some Clovis students

FRESNO, Calif.

A Supercuts in Clovis had a steady crowd of customers on Sunday. Many of them were boys who spent the summer growing out their hair.

On Sunday those summer styles got turned into dress-code compliant hairdo's, something some of these Clovis students and parents students put off as long as possible.

"The make it to where it can't touch a collared shirt in the back. And it can't be below the earlobes as far as the sideburns go, so they make you cut it pretty short," parent Jeff Kremer said.

"I like them to cut it as short as possible but still leaving it as long like he likes it so I don't have to be here every couple of weeks to get it trimmed," parent Jennifer Bramwell said.

Boys weren't the only ones who got new haircuts - a few girls were at Supercuts, too, but of course they're allowed to keep their hair much longer.

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