New park promises improved Kings River access


Not only will visitors enjoy the view, they'll also notice the Kings River is calmer in the area about a quarter mile north of the Goodfellow Bridge. The new park should be ready to open in about a year and a half.

The scenic spot on the Kings River in Sanger hasn't been seen by many people unless they were just floating by. The private parcel is accessible only by dirt road, and you have to follow a dirt path to the water. But Jim Van Haun says the Kings River Conservancy has long believed this to be the perfect place for visitors to enjoy a new river access park.

"This will actually be the area where you'll walk down and launch your inflatable craft. And then off to my left here is the parking area and that sort of thing, so it's a real nice piece of property for this sort of facility," said Executive Director Jim Van Haun.

Plans call for a three acre park with parking spaces for 35 cars, restrooms and picnic tables. The City of Sanger owns the property, but people from nearby communities no doubt will want to enjoy the park.

Public Works Director John Mulligan says the city still must complete an agreement with the State Department of Boating and Waterways. "Basically it's going to provide public access, much needed public access to the Kings River, which for the most part is owned by private property and there's not a lot of access available."

The $200,000 plan is funded entirely through state and federal grants. It would be the third project completed by the Kings River Conservancy.

Mulligan expects the new park to be the first piece of a 65-acre master plan calling for a regional recreation area and soccer fields. Mulligan added that landowners approve of the plan, though some worry people might trespass on their property.

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