Fresno County burglaries showing disturbing trend

FRESNO, Calif.

Thieves have targeted the Sanger, Parlier and Del Rey areas for the past four months. Detectives believe street gang members from rival gangs are now working together for a more profitable outcome.

There's been about 50 different cases since April. Suspects will kick in front doors or smash windows and multiple people will then grab as many items as possible. Their other method of operation is to go door-to-door, knocking and taking note of who answers the door. If no one is home, they'll break in. If someone answers, they'll take note of your belongings and come back.

Thus far, one person has been arrested though Deputies say more are expected.

Detectives searched the home of 36 year old David Estrada on Thursday afternoon, and found stolen property from more than 20 different burglaries. They also found a tactical vest belonging to someone in local law enforcement. Court Service Deputies arrested Estrada at the Fresno County Courthouse where he was answering to charges related to this same investigation.

Deputies ask that you call the Sheriff's Office if you notice suspicious or odd behavior in your neighborhood, and they urge residents not to answer the door if they're uncomfortable with whomever is knocking.

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