Fresno police make arrest in store clerk murder case

FRESNO, Calif.

21-year-old Christopher Roberts, who police say is a known gang member, was arrested in connection with the killing of Kashmir Manes in Southeast Fresno.

Family and friends are hoping this leads police closer to the second suspect still out on the loose.

Mourners were still coming to the Super One Food and Liquor store to pay their respects to the stocking clerk, husband and father killed in a senseless tragedy.

"Always made you smile, if I came in from having a hard day, I worked 10 hour days, he would say, 'Becky, you need to smile'," Rebecca Ceja said.

45-year-old Kashmir Manes, known to friends and family simply as "Bagoo", was shot and killed by two masked men during an attempted robbery Thursday night.

A cashier was also injured in the attack when he was hit over the head with a metal rod.

Fresno police have since arrested 21-year-old Christopher Roberts in connection with the murder.

"We want the other one caught and brought to justice ... let the law take its course so it doesn't happen again," Baldev Randhawa said.

Family members have gathered at Bagoo's home to console his widow and two small children. Store owners say the suspects did not make off with any cash and are trying to understand what could have led to a shameless act of violence.

"Cold blooded murder - if they came to rob, I think Bagoo would have gladly given them the money," Randhawa said.

On Friday evening this Southeast Fresno neighborhood held a vigil for Bagoo outside the store. Many say Bagoo was a generous man who treated each customer like they were part of the family.

"Bagoo's gone, for nothing, they didn't even take a damn piece of candy. So it was for what?" Ceja said.

The store will be closed for one week and will reopen after funeral services take place for Bagoo. Fresno police are still looking for a second suspect in this case.

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