Fresno woman worried about grandmother in New Orleans

FRESNO, Calif.

Vera Slater of Fresno has been calling her grandmother every hour just to make sure she is okay back home.

The storm surge created by hurricane Isaac is causing flood concerns along the gulf coast.

Slater was worried for her grandmother. Frances Scott is wheelchair bound and her home in uptown New Orleans is prone to flooding.

Slater explained, "It's the anticipation of what might happen. You hope for the best but having lived through once the same reassurances that failed you kind of, yeah very anxious."

Slater's in-laws checked into a Dallas hotel but grandma refused to leave her home, which was not under evacuation orders.

The sight of Isaac gathering strength is very troubling to Vera. "I get anxiety every hurricane season but this one more so because they're in the direct line of fire."

Seven American Red Cross volunteers from the Valley are now being reassigned in the Gulf States to assist those affected by Hurricane Isaac.

Red Cross regional CEO Ellen Knapp said, "They did work in the shelters that we have in Florida for the flooding. I would assume they're gonna be somewhere in Louisiana, Mississippi."

The local Red Cross chapter has been receiving calls from people wanting to help. You can also go to their website and donate to relief efforts. A new Red Cross shelter app allows people to find shelters and track down friends and relatives.

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