Family with Valley ties loses home to tropical storm Isaac

MERCED, Calif.

Joyce and Charles Wilson of Merced have been watching weather reports around the clock.

Joyce's son, Kenny Flaming, and his wife and youngest daughter live in Plaquemines Parish. They left under mandatory evacuation orders on Monday.

Wednesday they learned their home is now covered in 15 feet of flood water. Despite the loss, Kenny says his family plans to stay in Louisiana.

"This time they lost everything, they've lost everything," Joyce Wilson said. "The only thing they have is what they were able to take with them."

Kenny Flaming said, "We're not leaving, this is where we're supposed to be, but we're not going to rebuild in that neighborhood, that's for sure."

Kenny's three daughters all came to live with his mother and step-father in Merced for about a month after hurricane Katrina.

In the video, Action News reporter Sara Sandrik has complete coverage on the story.

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