Teens arrested for string of armed robberies near Fresno State

FRESNO, Calif.

Officers caught up with the two teenagers after they say they held up several victims at gunpoint outside the Save Mart Center.

Since then investigators have connected the suspects to several other cases on campus.

Police say the suspects rode bikes during the bold robberies. On Thursday night they rode through Fresno State and around the campus, robbing one person after another. Investigators say they were pedaling home when they were caught.

Fresno Police say they have been watching the area around Fresno State for weeks looking for the pair who robbed everyone from pedestrians to students.

After 7 robberies at gunpoint Thursday night the duo was caught at an apartment complex near the university where Fresno police say he lives.

18-year-old Ernest Young was arrested along with a 15-year-old.

"There was a very peculiar description about one of the individuals that we were aware of and sure enough one of the two individuals that we arrested last night pretty much fits the description of what we received," Capt. Al Maroney of the Fresno Police Department said.

Fresno state police say the three robberies on campus happened within 15 minutes of each other right after night classes ended after 9 p.m.

"The first robbery occurred near the theater and rose garden and fountain, the second robbery occurred near McLane Hall which is off of San Ramon and the third near Lot L near Campus Drive and Barstow," Lt. James Watson of University Police said.

Fresno police say the teens would take everything from cell phones, to purses, wallets and jewelry. Officers worried because with each robbery they say the suspects became more brazen.

"In one particular instance there was a victim who was struck in the back of the head fortunately no one was shot or seriously injured," Capt. Maroney said.

Several pedestrians walking along Shaw were victims. Police say the teens were caught because officers flooded the area from several police agencies within minutes of the reports.

Fresno state police say they have received additional calls from victims who say they were robbed but never reported the crime. Police say they have recovered a lot of the stolen property but are still looking for the gun.

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