Valley delegates take in DNC

FRESNO, California

Charlotte has seized the spotlight for the Democratic convention. Delegates from all 50 states have arrived to hear the party message.

Matt Rogers is chairman of the Fresno County Young Democrats. He said its important convention speakers set the tone Tuesday night.

Rogers explained, "We want to clearly hear the contrast so the country is able to hear the contrast in this election.

Estella Kessler of Selma said she is honored to represent the Valley at the convention. She said, "I'm really, really excited about seeing Michelle Obama. It's like a buzz in the background because everybody's excited inside and out."

Local delegates spent the day in meetings ranging from the women's caucus to the Latino and rural caucus.

Rogers is making sure the Valley message is being heard loud and clear. "It's very cool to say Fresno or the Central Valley and hear people say, where's that and then you get a chance to explain to them our area. They'll ask about what issues are challenging us."

Rogers added he can't wait to hear the speech by the mayor of San Antonio. "His name is Julian Castro and he's been called the Latino Barack Obama. Very inspiring."

Local delegates say they were glad to leave the Valley heat but have found the humidity in Charlotte to be stifling.

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