Reality TV star Kasey Kahl fights back against assault charges

FRESNO, Calif.

The reality TV star had to be in Fresno County court Friday.

Kahl is facing charges of assault, battery, and disorderly conduct while under the influence.

Although the entertainment website TMZ submitted a request to cover Friday's court hearing, this is a story you'll only see on Action News.

Kahl spoke softly and respectfully as he faced a judge for the first time on charges connected to a January bar fight.

The one-time "Bachelor Pad" star entered not guilty pleas to all the counts against him and his attorney says the charges are ridiculous.

"I've never seen a case filed [that is] this weak, so I don't understand why they would file it," said Gerald Schwab, who is Kahl's criminal defense attorney. "So I think that possibly it's due to either political pressure or because of who he is."

Kahl is accused of attacking Richard Chaney and Renee Idsinga at Club Habanos in northwest Fresno.

Chaney's attorney gave Action News these pictures to show how badly he was hurt.

The alleged victims say Kahl was drunk and bothering them, so they asked him to leave, and he went on the attack.

But Kahl told police the couple attacked him first and he only defended himself.

He's suing the alleged victim in civil court.

"We found at least several witnesses that state that Kasey was simply defending himself," Schwab said.

In fact, the club's owner told police she didn't think Kahl was drunk, just buzzed.

And both club staff and police noted that Kahl was calm, while the staff said Chaney needed to be calmed down.

But officers arrested Kahl for disorderly conduct while intoxicated.

Months later, prosecutors filed assault charges against the reality star, "Mr. Kahl is saying that everyone - other than, I don't know if he has other witnesses that are buddies of his - [but] police officers, district attorney's office, my two clients -- everybody is just concocting this story against him and I'm not sure what motive they would have to do that," said Jerry Casheros, who represents both Chaney and Idsinga.

Casheros filed a countersuit on behalf of Chaney and Idsinga Friday.

He says that while Chaney may have lost the fight, it'll be Kahl who loses in court.

But Casheros is only handling the civil cases.

ABC-30 legal analyst Tony Capozzi says the criminal charges could be tough to prove.

"It's 'he said, she said' or really 'he said, he said,'" Capozzi said. "I think it's going to be a very difficult case to prove in court beyond a reasonable doubt."

The bar's owner told police she heard Chaney tell Kahl he was going to ruin his life and no matter the final result, Kahl told Action News the case has already upended his life.

Chaney's face reflects the upheaval in his life.

These two men are now likely to face off again in court.

Kahl is also planning to sue TMZ for allegedly claiming he was arrested for sniffing paint.

The post has been removed from the site, but Kahl's attorney believes the website jumped to the paint sniffing conclusion based on the disorderly conduct charge against the reality star. It refers to intoxication by alcohol, drugs or toluene – a chemical often inhaled for a high. Police reports give no indication that Kahl was under the influence of anything other than alcohol.

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