SFPD arrests suspect in Valley man's murder

CLOVIS, Calif.

Those who knew and loved Eriq Escalon have mixed emotions after San Francisco police arrested the man who investigators say murdered the 28 year old.

Escalon's cousin Sandra Espinoza said, "That person who took him away from us, no matter what happens it's never going to be okay."

"He robbed me and his family and all the people who loved him," Estella Salcido said. "Yeah it's very upsetting and catching him is not going to bring him back."

Escalon graduated from Buchanan High School in 2002 and worked as a hair stylist at a Clovis salon before moving to San Francisco last September.

On June 12th, police say his roommate found his body bound and gagged inside his San Francisco apartment.

Lt. Hector Sainez with the San Francisco Police Department said, "The apartment had been burglarized and laptop, TV, jewelry and other financial documents were stolen."

Investigators say they found James Rickleffs, 45, in possession of those stolen items. The suspect is in now in custody for murder, burglary and is also facing a grand theft probation violation.

Detectives say both men met at a local bar only a day before Escalon's murder. Police are now asking anyone with information about the suspect to come forward.

Escalon's family says they're still sad about the loss of an upbeat young man and they're angry he was robbed of a bright future.

Ashley Mellow said, "There's a target for anger now, because you're angry and upset now and now you can put a face to it."

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