Fresno parolee arrested after crime spree

FRESNO, Calif.

Friday morning, residents in a Tower District neighborhood were awakened to quite a commotion after a hit and run crash turned into something much more. It all started when Fresno Police spotted a stolen car around 7:15 Friday morning.

"They activated their emergency lights," Sgt. John Jensen said. "The suspect vehicle took off, reaching a speed of up to 35 miles per hour."

Fresno Police say Brian Richardson ran a stop sign and collided with a truck that had two small children inside.

"T-boned us, hit me right behind the door," Furman Peterson said. "Then the guy promptly got out and fled and hopped some yards."

One neighbor, who did not want be identified saw Richardson in his backyard and took matters into his own hands.

"So he was coming at me and I'm poking at him, so he's trying to go through the window. So I grab this big old long pole, so I'm like 10 ft. from here to this telephone pole and start smashing him with it."

Fresno Police and neighbors chased the suspect throughout this area. He approached a residence where a homeowner and their child were leaving and then forced them back into the house.

John Alden said, "We were standing on the porch with two walkers and their dogs and I heard screaming, two screams and I ran out here."

Investigators say that Richardson left the house and then tried to carjack a former Marine who was parked nearby.

"He tried to reach in with his hand on the knob on the windowsill," Henry Guerra said. "I proceeded to move a little forward."

Henry Guerra says he didn't think of his own safety when he hit the suspect with his car.

Fresno Police were able to capture Richardson moments later.

"To be honest with you I'm tired of this," Guerra said. "I'm real tired of the bad guy getting away with a lot of things."

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