Bulldogs fans will feel the heat on Saturday

FRESNO, Calif.

Saturday the Buffs visit Bulldog Stadium for the first time ever where unseasonable temperatures await them at kickoff.

But this week's summer sizzle is forcing Fresno State to take precautions. No problem, says assistant athletic director Ryan Reggiani.

"We have a lot more staff aware of what's going on. A lot more water stations- anything to help with the relief with the heat," Reggiani said.

The start time was moved up two hours to 5 p.m. to accommodate the national TV broadcast - great exposure for the university but some fans sitting on the stadium's metal bleachers might suffer come kick off.

During Saturday's heat, which side you sit on is just as important as where your seats are.

"I did pay attention to that. I wanted to be on the west side. We've sat on the other side facing into the sun and the heat. I was very specific I wanted to be on that side," fan Mike Levis said.

As for the players, they'll also cool off with new misters on the sidelines. The Big Fogg fans have arrived and will be assembled by kickoff. Keeping players hydrated will also be key.

"Any time outs we'll run out our athletic training staff onto the field getting them water- get a bunch of water and stay hydrated," Assistant Director of Communication Jason Clay said.

Tickets are still available. The university says it plans to open four more ticket windows to get fans thru the turnstiles faster on Saturday.

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