Monster trucks rumble through Tulare Co Fair

TULARE, Calif.

The Monster X Tour brought monster trucks to the fair, racing in front of the grandstands and kicking up plenty of dirt.

Trucks named "Nasty Boy", "Unnamed and Untamed" and "Playing 4 Keeps" jumped over cars and entertained fans of all ages.

"It's cool. It's all about the fastness and the jumps and they do and all that," Jaden Ortega said.

"The jumps, the size, the power, the loudless of the motors, the horsepower. You can feel the ground rumble!" Doug McRoberts said.

Those trucks weigh more than five tons, have two thousand horsepower and the tires alone weigh 800 pounds apiece. And if watching wasn't enough, fans also had the opportunity to ride in a monster truck!

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