Former Bachelorette contestant Kasey Kahl to file lawsuit against TMZ

FRESNO, Calif.

UPDATE: has updated their story with the follow addition: "Law enforcement sources tell us ... there was an error on the charging document ... and it should NOT have stated that Kahl was suspected of being under the influence of toluene. Kahl also told TMZ he never, ever huffed paint."

Kahl was recently in court as a defendant facing charges connected to a January bar fight. But now, he's on the other side. He's filing a lawsuit because of a story posted about him.

The headline of that story read "Bachelorette star jailed allegedly huffed paint thinner."

"That allegation was completely fictitious and made up by It was made up maliciously and or with reckless disregard simply to attract viewers to their website all at Mr. Kahl's expense," said Kahl's attorney Nathan Miller.

Miller says Kahl gave the website an opportunity to retract the statements, but TMZ did not at that time. Kahl is seeking $20 million in damages.

Action News reached out to for a comment, but they did not returned our calls.

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