Unique Sept. 11 memorial unveiled in Mariposa

FRESNO, Calif.

State and County leaders as well as Police and Fire Fighters were on hand for a special dedication ceremony held on September 11th.

The sculpture, which is described as "chaotic" sits on a steel plate and it's base is crafted from native Mariposite. The four I-beams are fixed at different angles of 9, 11, 20 and 01 degrees. The lowest beam faces true north, representative of the North Tower, and a support beam stands at 17 degrees, to represent the elapsed time between the first and second airstrike on the Trade Center.

Chief Wilson describes each beam as "representing civilians, military, law enforcement and fire". He also says the two year effort would not have been possible without the help of 80 community volunteers. "There's so much creativity that happens in this community - we did a fundraising drive, didn't raise that much money but bottom line b/c of the community the way it is we didn't need that much money."

The sculpture isn't quite finished; various sayings at the base of the structure still need to be encased in polished granite within the next few weeks. The words "We will never forget - 2,753 souls who perished at the World Trade Center-New York - 184 who lost their lives in the Pentagon-Arlington, VA - With the worlds 'Let's Roll' 40 aboard UA-93 sacrificed their lives so others would live-Shanksville, PA" will encircle the bottom portion of the sculpture.

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