Man accused of stabbings makes court appearance

FRESNO, Calif.

A judge decided 25-year-old Michael Crockell will be held without bail for the most recent charges and because of his prior criminal history.

Investigators say Crockell stabbed Fresno Police Officer Jonathon Linzey three times as the officer was trying to save a woman who ended up dying.

Action News has learned the suspect told investigators he smoked meth the night before he bludgeoned his neighbors. Police have also figured out a motive for the crime.

For the first time, Action News cameras got an exclusive look at Michael Crockell during his first court appearance. Each cheek was scraped and his right eye is black.

Crockell laughed during the hearing when attorneys suggested his arraignment be re-set to September 20th. Since that is his birthday, his attorney said he'd prefer to be arraigned another day, but the judge refused.

Outside the apartment where Lisa Gilvary and 20-year-old Jennifer Gonzalez were stabbed repeatedly, a memorial is growing.

It includes Gilvary's robe and favorite pink high heels. Her landlord says even though Gilvary was being evicted, she was a good person with many endearing qualities.

"A lot of people know we're friends, like all friends we had our little issues but, for the most part, she was my friend, and she was my friend and I miss her a lot," apartment manager Derrel Martin said.

Gilvary's front door is still smudged with black fingerprint dust from crime scene processors collecting evidence.

Action News is learning more about what sparked the violent rampage Monday morning.

Police say the suspect blamed Gilvary for interfering with his relationship with his girlfriend.

Investigators say early Monday morning Crockell went to their apartment and stabbed Gilvary, then Gonzalez.

Neighbors say the suspect left these footprints as he left the scene around the time he met officer Jonathon Linzey. Police say he surprised Linzey and stabbed him three times. It took several officers to control Crockell and take him into custody.

Gonzalez and Officer Linzey are recovering.

"Nobody deserves that. I don't care, nobody deserves that. You know, if god puts a limit on things, we should to," Martin said.

Crockell was released from prison six months ago. Police say he had dinner with Jennifer Gonzalez the night before the murder and she said everything was fine.

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