Heat creates additional challenge for athletes

FRESNO, Calif.

"They measured it at 2 o clock and said it ws 130 degrees."

El Diamante's JV quarterback, JC Robliss said the heat is tough on players.

"It really kills the team losing energy and everything," Robliss said.

El Diamante athletic director Greg Flennery says player well-being is a concern.

"We're worried about hydration and the field is a synthetic field so the heat rises from the field," Flannery said

Cheerleaders, like El Diamante's Delana Mendoza feel it too. "You're sweating a lot, you like can't really see the audience and stuff. You get tired, you feel like you are about to pass out," she said.

JV cheerleading coach Jennifer Story says she keeps a watchful eye on the girls.

"I do have the concerns, they get extra dehydrated in this heat I even had a girl at one point feel faint in this heat so I have to make sure they are extra hydrated and taking care of themselves," Story said.

Even the men on the chain gang had a hard time. Eddie Portillo worked up quite a sweat on the sidelines: "It's not football weather, I'll tell you that, it's too hot."

The varsity game kicked off at 7 when the temperature had dropped a few degrees. Before taking the field Central Varsity Coach Justin Garza said his players were well hyrdated and ready, but acknowledged the heat.

"Nothing like a good sweat before the game starts."

The medical personnel standing by saw no heat problems but everyone is waiting and hoping the cool fall weather gets here.

"Absolutely, it makes it a lot easier. It's real miserable out here."

The high heat prompted some teams, like Selma to delay the start of their games to 8 tonight.

Now, even if the players, cheerleaders and fans are used to it, everyone is urged to watch out for the warning signs of heat stroke. Fever, chills, nausea and seek medical attention.

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