Putting healthy choices in the spotlight

FRESNO, Calif.

The motivating message is supported by Madera schools, community groups and a Valley medical center.

These young performers with Kaiser Permanente's educational theater program performed for a captivated audience at George Washington Elementary School in Madera. The interactive musical called "The Best Me" got kids moving to the beat. And the hope is to keep them motivated to make healthy choices at school and at home.

The show travels across Northern California, relating to kids by mixing hip hop with pop culture scenes like this slow motion, "matrix-like" battle between soda and juice, and water.

"We update the show every year," Kyle Vermeulen said. "We actually go back and try and keep it modern that way the students can relate to the different songs."

Principal Bill Holden says the message doesn't stop with the kids, families get involved as well.

Holden explained, "This same program that we instituted today will be repeated Thursday night and the kids will bring their families here from grades 3, 4, and 5 will bring their families and they'll see the same thing as well as we're going to give them a healthy dinner."

Right after the performance, the kids put the message into motion. Several other Madera organizations host activities in the playground to get the kids, moving.

Kids are already making changes by being more active and bringing water bottles to school instead of sugary drinks, hopefully leading to good habits for life.

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