Fresno opens talks with CCSPCA

FRESNO, Calif.

Scott said, "We would like to suggest with all of the efforts that are being undertaken right now and good discussions we've been having we'd like to suggest holding this item over."

The city was having trouble getting an alternate animal control program up and running by October first, the date the Central California SPCA said they would quit providing animal control services. The city was looking for a site, and planning scaled down services, but faced criticism for its plan to take in only dogs, not cats.

The city approached the SPCA to continue its full range of services, and their spokesperson, Beth Caffrey says they are happy to be listening. "We are very concerned about the animals and their future welfare and well-being we are very encouraged by the city requesting a meeting so that we could work together."

The SPCA announced six months ago it would end its animal control services with the city and county after facing criticism over its administrative policies, and its high euthanasia rate. But now Caffrey says it appears a deal to keep things going for at least another six months could happen.

Caffrey said, "It does seem very optimistic at this point."

The city is still considering terms of a contract with another possible provider, Liberty Animal Control Services, but their initial bid was higher than what the city had been paying the SPCA.

The city manager says he will update the council on the negotiations with the SPCA next Thursday, that's just three days before their services were slated to end.

The SPCA is only talking with the city at this point. Fresno County is also facing a loss of animal control services on October first.

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