High temperatures follow Valley into fall

FRESNO, Calif.

The Central Valley is used to the hot sun blazing during the summer, but it seems the heat is continuing into the fall.

"I can believe that. I've never seen it this hot, this late," Thelma Coffey of Sanger said.

Like many people, Coffey of Sanger, can't wait for the cool fall weather.

Action News meteorologist Doug Collins says August was a record breaking month with excessive 100 degree temperatures and September seems to be following suit.

"This month as of yesterday, three-tenths of a degree warmer in the record as well. It appears that with the heat that's going the rest of the week that we are going to break another long term record here in Fresno. It hasn't been this hot in over a hundred years," Collins said.

The heat isn't bad news for everyone. In fact, it has helped cotton growers and raisin farmers like the Sarabians of Sanger.

"This was a record year for us for drying time on our Thompson grapes. The very first grapes that I picked I had them picked and boxed, picked and rolled in eight days and that is really, really fast," David Sarabian said.

David Sarabian says while the raisins are drying in record time, there is one concern - quality.

"Just to try to keep the sunburn down to a minimal so as you can hear from the sound, they're pretty dry," Sarabian said.

The Sarabians say this summer's record breaking heat has actually moved up harvest season. Now workers are picking up raisins they expect to be done harvesting by the end of the month, that's two weeks a head of schedule.

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