Group of Clovis HS students are building a better future

FRESNO, Calif.

Pouring concrete has never been so fun. Construction students at Clovis High could be laying the foundation for a career. Isaiah Hathaway says the work is hard but he loves the payoff.

"It's exciting, it feels really rewarding," Hathaway said. "It gives you a sense of accomplishment and it's a lot of fun."

Clearly the excitement hasn't leveled off at this job site. 28 students enrolled in the Regional Occupation Program will build five 8 x 12 foot miniature homes. Crown Short Load donated the concrete, while other professionals helped show the students the finer points of the trade.

Richard Nottingham of Nottingham Concrete said, "They're learning what's going to get them through the future. A new trade. They're going to learn how to take care of themselves and their families."

The ability to handle a bull float could lead to a smoother career transition.

Hathaway said, "It's just something I hope to do for a living when I get older."

Action News asked, "What do you want to do?"

Hathaway replied, "I want to be a carpenter."

Other kids are leaning toward architecture and engineering. Clovis High Instructor Jay Eichmann says kids learn theory in class and practical experience on site.

Eichmann explained, "Once the houses are up the electronic construction class will come in to the job site like a real world job site and they'll put in fire alarms, security, surveillance, network."

The homes students built last year were all sold to community supporters for about 1500 dollars, basically the cost of supplies plus delivery.

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