President Obama is coming to Kern County

FRESNO, California

During a White House interview in June, Action News asked President Obama why he has not visited the Central Valley, either as a candidate, or president. Well the wait is now over. The White House announced Obama will visit Kern County next week to mark the creation of a national monument honoring the late Cesar Chavez.

Tanis Ybarra is on the board for the Cesar Chavez Foundation, and was involved with the United Farm Workers for 30 years.

Tanis Ybarra said, "It just further recognizes the UFW's involvement in bettering the lives of farm workers in this country not just in California, but all around the country."

This coming Monday, the president will declare La Paz the gravesite of the civil rights leader a national landmark. But the event coming weeks before the election has some questioning the timing of his visit.

Fred Vanderhoof said, "I think he's probably pandering at this late point and want to shore up his vote."

The latest national survey of likely Latino voters shows Obama with 70 percent of support. Mitt Romney comes in at 26 percent.

Tony Capozzi said, "I'm surprised he's even appearing here in California, especially in the San Joaquin Valley."

ABC30 political analyst Toni Capozzi says the president's trip is completely political as he attempts to increase Hispanic voter turnout, not in California, but in the swing states.

"Well I think California is a foregone conclusion, it's a blue state, he's going to win, he's going to win big," Capozzi said. "But the big question is going to be, what's the turnout across the country."

And although the trip does not include Fresno, the fact that Obama is coming to the Valley is good enough for some of his supporters.

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