Fresno Co taking over animal control services

FRESNO, Calif.

Crews are still out here installing the cages that will house the dogs brought in here Monday. This is a lot of last minute work for a facility set to open first thing in the morning.

Crews are quickly working to lay down the base for what will hold stacks of brand new animal cages. This just hours before the new Fresno County animal control center is set to open.

"Tomorrow is opening day, we'll be operational, collecting animals that need to be rescued in Fresno County," Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea said.

The center is on the former site of the Fresno County Morgue and Supervisor Perea says it's been quite the undertaking for construction crews to transform the property.

"You're talking about electricity, sewage, water system for the water to drain, rehabbing the buildings, dropping cages, it's a big effort," Perea said.

Modular buildings are now in place - those will be administrative offices and vet centers for Liberty Animal Control, the new company taking over for the SPCA.

But services will be limited at first.

Liberty will be in charge of picking up vicious and sick dogs in unincorporated county areas and county islands within Fresno city limits.

Responsibilities the SPCA had until it was put under the microscope and decided to drop animal control services for the county and city of Fresno.

"We got caught up in the middle of it when the SPCA gave both the city and county notice that come October 1, they're not going to be with us anymore. Well that's fine, that's a decision they made," Perea said.

It's a decision that's forcing last minute work to meet state requirements for animal control services.

Liberty was originally supposed to run animal control for both the city and county but late last week Fresno city officials temporarily extended the contract with the SPCA.

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