New Fresno Co animal control facility opens doors

FRESNO, Calif.

The new shelter is located at the old county morgue at Nielsen and Teilman in West Central Fresno.

Liberty Animal Control Services has officially taken over services from the Central California SPCA.

The new contractor is operating in a temporary location and staff members say for the time being the company will not pick up stray animals.

Dan Haines isn't happy about the recent animal control changes in Fresno County. On Monday morning he brought a stray cat to the Central California SPCA but workers wouldn't accept the animal since the organization cut ties with the county.

"I am a little concerned because the SPCA doesn't accept them and where do I go now?" Haines said.

"We have to turn them away and that's going to be very difficult and we are not exactly sure what the county's plan is going to be for those animals," Beth Caffrey of the SPCA said.

Haines then took the cat to Liberty Animal Services but they wouldn't take the cat either.

"This has just gotten totally way out of hand," Haines said.

While the newly-formed Liberty Animal Control is charged with taking care of vicious and injured animals in the county they are not picking up or accepting strays. Many say that's the problem.

Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea has hope the contractor will start those services soon.

"It is my expectation within the next week or two weeks we will start picking up those animals," Perea said.

But on opening day crews were still working to set up dog kennels at the new location.

"It's a transition that will take some time to work the kinks out of and we are looking forward to working with the other community partners as we go forward," Dave Pomaville of Fresno County Environmental Health said.

For now if you have a stray pet in your neighborhood, call 600-PETS. Staff members with the organization are looking for a more permanent location to house Fresno County animal control.

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