Big Fresno Fair is shaping up to be a hot one

FRESNO, California

Tuesday night, crews used a giant crane to hoist part of the newest water ride into place and carnival workers put the final touches on midway games. Throughout the evening, the entire fairgrounds buzzed with activity as vendors prepared for the crowds and the heat. "It definitely has its ups and downs. Some days it rains on opening day, some days it's hotter than hot on opening day. You just never know," said vendor Phillip Delahoide. Delahoide sells ice cream and frozen treats and is hoping to do well in the heat.

Organizers aren't worried, either. Misters are ready to go at Yosemite Station and they've got the bargain to offer as well. "How do you pass up dollar Wednesday? Just because it's a little too warm?" asked Lauri King.

Even with all the pre-fair buzz, Action News found at least a few characters that weren't quite ready for the excitement of the fair. Seven week-old piglets huddled in a corner of their exhibit in the livestock building, nervous about their new surroundings. Beginning Wednesday, they'll participate in what Reedley College's David Lopes considers the most important aspect of the fair. "Less than two percent of the population in the U.S. is connected to production agriculture. So a lot of people don't know about how we raise animals and why we do some of the things we do," said Lopes.

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