Big Fresno Fair showcases Valley produce

FRESNO, Calif.

Not only are farmers trying to show their produce is tops, Fresno County towns also set up colorful displays to catch the judges' eye, or in Clovis' case, at least try to be the apple of their eye.

"Passport to fun" is this year's ag theme.

"I don't think there's another building like this in the whole world. This is like the last of the Mohicans," Ag Building Superintendent Sue Torres said.

Experts completed their final round of judging in the ag building. The best looking produce received ribbons. It is a proud tradition which dates back to when the fair began in 1884.

"I see the glisten in their eyes when the judges come in and put the ribbons on and they see what they get. I think it's pride," Torres said.

The towns still go all-out. The Coalinga display had a club-like feel. The garlic had its own light show while Fowler scored points with ag judge Russ Maly.

"I like the fact that they put the map of the county in the sign itself. I thought that was a nice idea," Maly said.

Sometimes Maly does compare apples with oranges since over 3,000 varieties of produce are on display.

"That's why if anyone ever tells you they're an expert in everything that's grown here don't believe it. Because they'll come out with a new variety of something," Maly said.

And you probably didn't know when the weather warms the ag building remains one of the coolest places at the fair.

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