Hundreds said goodbye to an Edison High football player

FRESNO, Calif.

Hundreds of mostly teenagers and young adults packed a Central Fresno church to reflect and remember the life of 18-year-old Marquis Sutton. Friends talked about funny times, and some of Marquis' coaches shared memories of the last time he practiced, just hours before his death.

"He was still hurting, he was limping around, and I had to give him a shot because every day he was hurt he would come up to me and say Coach Paul, I'm ready and I would say Marquis look at your ankle and Marquis was like I'm ready."

One pallbearer who is also one of Sutton's closest friends is mourning like no other… he was with Sutton when he was gunned down. Terrell Green says the two were as close as brothers.

"We built this relationship because like I was going through struggles in my life with my mom and he was going through struggles in our life and we would just talk about it," Green said. "And till this day he would tell me like brother when we make it, let's write a book about our life, I'd be like alright."

Green said the two planned to focus on sports and go away to college. But, those plans all changed last Monday night. After Green picked Sutton up from practice they went to an apartment to hang out. Moments later, Green's best friend was gone.

"I haven't been home," Green said. "I feel like I don't even want to live anymore. I feel like I lost a part of me, it's crazy, I never felt like this."

Thursday Sutton's mother said love from the community has helped her cope. She has lost two sons in just a few months.

Sutton's mother, Sherri Wise said, "It was truly a home going and it wasn't sad, it was joyous and I hope this change a lot of people's lives and allow the community to come together under any circumstances when there's a good kid involved."

Many friends said they planned to live like Marquis, never hold a grudge and find the best in others. And no matter what life brings you, to smile.

Marquis Sutton will be honored during the Edison High's homecoming game Friday night. At the end of the school year his parents will also be presented an honorary diploma.

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