Warrant reveals details in Fresno kidnap, sex assault case

FRESNO, Calif.

Detectives found memory cards and cell phones inside the suspect's Clovis home. They believe he took pictures of the young victim before and after she was sexually assaulted.

According to a search warrant, the 10-year-old victim woke up late September 25th and was walking to school alone. She usually walks with her older brother but he left without her that morning.

The girl told detectives the suspect pulled over and ordered her to get in his truck twice. When he became angry she finally got in and assumed he was taking her to school.

Legal analyst and defense attorney Ralph Torres says it will be very difficult for Cardenas to come up with a defense.

"Video, audio, the testimony of a witness that is specific and concrete," Torres said. "That's very difficult to beat."

Court documents reveal the victim gave detectives key clues based on landmarks that led deputies to valuable evidence.

A warrant shows the suspect drove the girl west from Fresno until they reached a gas station near a McDonald's. Investigators confirmed through surveillance video that Cardenas stopped at the Arco station in Kerman.

"From what I know, significant evidence exists that can convict him. Complaining victim witness testimony is significant," Torres said. "That by itself can convict a suspect."

Court records show the suspect used a bungee cord to tie the victim's hands together. The girl told detectives she was driven to a pond after she was assaulted.

That's when the victim says Cardenas took her out of the truck and threw her on the ground before instructing her to go into the water until she was waist deep.

For five hours the little girl says she stood there until she got out and started walking until she came to a paved road and was found by someone who lives in the area.

The victim also picked the suspect out of a photo lineup. If Kalvin Cardenas is convicted of these felony crimes, he could face life in prison.

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