Armed man in custody after SE Fresno standoff

October 10, 2012 12:00:00 AM PDT
It took seven hours before Fresno police negotiators were able to talk an armed man out of his home. Police say they were called to the house on Harwood and Dee Ann avenues around 12:30 on Wednesday.

Police say several shotgun rounds were fired throughout the evening, but not at officers. Neighbors say the man shot several rounds outside the two-story house before police showed up, and police say he fired a few more shots inside. So police stayed back while negotiators worked to calm the man down.

"They do a fantastic job," Lt. Mike Doyle said. "They talked with him and got him to actually walk on out of the house and sit down and make contact with the SWAT officers in a positive manner."

He was taken into custody, but not before frightening the neighborhood. Police evacuated the homes immediately next the armed man's house, and other neighbors living close by were asked to stay inside.

Art Torres said his kids were playing outside when he heard the gunshots. He said, "Coming out here and checking it out, it's a crazy experience and I don't want to see it. But I hope something good comes out of it."

Police also hope some good will ultimately come of this, as they will work to figure out what caused the man to become so distraught.

Now that police are done investigating the home for the night, they say the next step will be for the man to undergo a psychological evaluation.

In the video, Action News reporter Rick Montanez has complete coverage on the story.