Dad threatens speeders with being shot in Bakersfield

On a sign he's posted outside his Bakersfield home, Phillip is warning drivers who don't obey the speed limit, "If you hit my kid, you will be shot."

Other neighbors say speeding has plagued their neighborhood for a while, and they're glad someone is speaking out. But not everyone is supportive of the sign.

"That's a little extreme. I don't think anybody should be shot."

"I think if you are a parent, that this is something you feel you have to do for your kids. I don't have any problems with it."

Family members say they've tried other methods to slow drivers down but nothing else has worked.

Police say the parents are not breaking any laws with their sign, but officers say they don't condone this method.

Instead, they recommend people concerned about speeding in their neighborhood, should call police.

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