Third presidential debate to focus on foreign policy

FRESNO, Calif.

Action News spoke with ABC30 political analyst Tony Capozzi. He said the candidates are likely nervous about this debate and the winner won't come from what is said but how it's presented.

The third and final presidential debate is expected to be a big one as foreign affairs talks have sat on the back burner during much of the campaign.

"Foreign policy is generally not a game changer, unless there's a major blunder," Capozzi said.

Capozzi says candidates will be extra careful with their words.

"Somebody will be looking to throw the bombshell or gain the advantage. But they won't throw the 60 yard touchdown pass because they're afraid something will happen. They will be very careful. But if there's an opening, they're going to drive a truck through it," Capozzi said.

Capozzi says Mitt Romney's lack of foreign affairs experience is something the president will tout in his favor, but Romney is expected to continue his harsh criticism of the deadly attacks in Libya.

Capozzi says no matter what both candidates argue the way they handle the questions could sway undecided voters.

"Perception is what's going to count in this last debate," Capozzi said.

The discussion will also include Iran and its nuclear ambitions and trade tensions with China. Even though the focus will be on international issues Capozzi anticipates both candidates will find a way to bring their arguments around to domestic affairs like jobs.

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