Merced Police: Man tries to kill officer with knives

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators say Lou Seng Saeteurn, 46, threw a large knife at an officer, and nearly hit him in the head.

The incident happened Wednesday night on E Street near 11th. Officers went to the area after getting a shots fired call.

Police say one officer was driving down the street when someone started flagging him down. The officer thought it was a victim, but it turned out to be Saeteurn.

Authorities say the suspect charged at the officer with a large knife. That's when the officer opened fire.

"Mr. Saeteurn did not appear to be affected by the shot and continues running at the officer," Lt. Tom Trinidad said. "The officer retreated once again, the suspect then threw a knife where it hit the vehicle bounded off and nearly struck the officer in the head."

The officer shot Saeteurn two more times. He's expected to survive.

The suspect will be booked into jail for attempted murder of a police officer once he's released from the hospital.

In the video, Action News reporter Rick Montanez has complete coverage on the story.

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