Proposition 30 has become a hot button issue

FRESNO, California

Brown stood with Congressman Jim Costa, State Senator Michael J. Rubio, Assemblyman Henry T. Perea and a variety of school and business leaders, at the Fresno Area Electrical Training Center in East Central Fresno.

The Governor spoke for about 5 minutes, saying he wants voters to know what's at stake. He held up a "Yes on 30" campaign sign, and said, "It's simple. Yes on 30 - money into the schools. No on 30 - money out of the schools". Assemblyman Perea said, "we know that 20 billion in cuts to our schools over the last four years have left our our children's education at the breaking point. Our students deserve better". All said the Proposition is critical to education and critical to California's future. Brown said, if the initiative does not pass, there will be fewer teachers, and fewer resources. The Governor also brought up job creation. And said the techinical school in which he chose to speak is a good example of a specific skill set that's important in California. "There are 500 thousand job openings in california today; but you got to have the skills to be able to do it. Job creation depends on skill creation".

Fresno Area Electrical Training Center says it's been teaching electricians for 50 years, through it's 5 year apprenticeship program. Chuck Riojas, Apprenticeship Program Trustee, said he was excited to have the Governor speak at his school. "We see a definite tie into the education community with our program here... being that we have a 5 year program that requires pre requisites".

Opponents of Proposition 30, members of "Stop Prop 30" claim there is no guarantee that additional money would fund schools directly. Chris Mathys, with Valley Taxpayers Coalition, says "if it was earmarked than we'd know where it was going. But the general fund? It could go anywhere from a kennel for dogs to buying a new helicopter for the Governor, there's no control where the money is going". Mathys says the yes on Proposition 30 campaign is misleading voters, and that California residents will end up paying for the state's problems. "If the Governor better managed our budget, then we wouldn't havd the problem we have now".

After his speech, the Governor returned to Oakland. Stop Prop 30 continues it's campaign, saying they've got a lot of momentum behind them. ----
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